DR1VEN Training, LLC, founded in 2015 by Damin Altizer and Tyler Relph, was formed out of the merger of TRB Elite and NEXT Skills Training

Damin’s Story

I’ll never claim to be basketball guru or know more than other trainers out there. What I will guarantee, though, is that each and every time I am on the court my goal is to be the hardest working trainer in the WORLD to help you achieve your goals.

When I was young I began playing basketball when I was 7-8 years old. By age 13, I had decided that playing collegiate basketball in the ACC was my number one goal and dream and, it was at that point, that I began working hard to make that dream a reality. I got up shots, worked on my ball handling, lifted weights and did everything I knew to take my game to the next level.

In high school I had a relatively successful career. I was fortunate enough to be named All-Conference 3x, All-Region 2x and All-State once and was named Conference POY my senior year. I was recruited by numerous schools ranging from Division III up to Division I, however, the ACC schools that I dreamt about had no interest in a 6’0” PG often saying that they could easily find someone of my stature.

Upon graduation from high school I decided that I would not let others decide that I couldn’t play at the ACC level. I decide to attend the University of Virginia with the goal of walking-on to a team in the world’s best college conference. I also came to another realization at this time…

Traditional Training = Traditional Results

The training I had done in high school was the same training that every other player in the world was doing. Standard shooting drills, normal ball handling drills, average conditioning drills and, by doing that, I was dooming myself to being average myself. So I took my training to an entirely new level. I decided to raise the intensity and train the way others weren’t so that I could play at a level that they couldn’t. And It worked!!

The same training to which you have access here took me from a basically a Division III player to a player who played on an D1 ACC Championship team at UVA. How did I do it? Simple, I decided to….

About1Be Uncommon with Intensity, Innovation & Information.

I added two balls, tennis balls, chairs and other  to my training regimen that took my game to a whole new level. I didn’t work on just ball handling drills, I studied NBA moves and added a technical, explosive aspect to my game that I’d never had before. I didn’t just get up shots, I developed a quicker release and worked on advanced NBA footwork to make sure that no matter the height, I would always have a solution. I studied, worked and trained with methods that are even better now because…They are available to you!!

I’ve been through the struggles and had ups and downs but now, as a trainer, I can help you avoid those road bumps! Do I know it all? Absolutely not! I do know, though, that I’ve worked with pros from around the world, college players, HS all-Americans and players just like YOU who are working hard to achieve their goals and, no matter the level, when players are through training they are always much, much closer to reaching their dreams than when they first started.

Let’s get after it!